Visit RNS

We invite students and their families to arrange a visit to our school. Each visiting student will accompany an RNS student in their own grade to class, and have a chance to meet our students and faculty. Parents will also be given a tour of the school. The goal of the visit is to allow families to gain an understanding of the programs and the opportunities available at Rothesay Netherwood School.


To arrange a visit, please contact us at, or call 506-847-8224.



Open Houses, Bring a Friend to School Days and Curriculum Nights


Open Houses and Curriculum Nights are open for all interested students and their families.  Bring a Friend to School Days are held for specific grades on specific days. These events will be listed on Admission News & Events page.

Planning Your Visit

A visit during the school week, provides students and their families the opportunity to experience the academic environment at Rothesay Netherwood School. Students can attend several classes with a student in their own grade and be given a campus tour. Students wear casual clothing during their visit. The schedule for the student's family will include a campus tour as well.


The Admission Office is always open and, if a weekday visit is not possible, we can arrange a tour at a time that fits your schedule: after work in the evening, during a weekend or during the summer months.



To plan a Campus Visit


Call the Admission Office at 506-847-8224 or email us at .