Our Campus is Closed ... but we're here for you

These are unprecedented times and we know that you've got lots of questions. We all do! While there is still much uncertainty as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic, we can assure you that even though our campus is closed, we are still here for you. We have compiled answers to a number of frequently asked questions. If you don't find the answer you're looking for, don't hesitate to reach out to us at


List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Can I still attend an Open House on campus or schedule a Tour?

    Campus Open Houses are cancelled and Campus Tours are postponed until such a time as they are safe to resume. We sincerely regret not being able to meet you face-to-face and apologize for the inconvenience these changes may cause you. Given the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, it is in the best interests of all to cancel in-person events at this time.

    However, RNS has several videos that showcase our campus, learning community, and co-curricular activities. Please look to the right of the page for links to these videos and additional helpful information.
    We will be moving our upcoming events to a virtual format and are developing online programming that we hope you will find interesting and engaging, and that will provide you with the opportunity to chat with Faculty advisors, hear from members of our Admissions team, and connect with current RNS students. We will do our very best to bring the robust and dynamic RNS experience to life online.

    We ask that you consult our 
    Visit RNS page for more information about upcoming virtual events and links to register for them. As always, our team will be actively responding to questions via email for prospective and newly admitted students. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we adjust our programming over the coming weeks.
  • Q. Can I still apply?

    Yes, we are still accepting applications through this website. Click here to learn more.
  • Q. Is the RNS Admissions Process going ahead as planned?

    Yes – the Admissions Process is proceeding as normal. We also understand that some students are in need of additional flexibility in meeting deadlines as a result of disruptions to schooling or exams due to COVID-19. RNS is committed to working with any students who may need extra time in order to complete their application.
  • Q. What are the impacts on the Admissions Process due to COVID-19 Disruptions?

    The RNS Admissions Process strives to be personalized in order to really get to know each potential student and their family. 

    We understand that school closures and the introduction of other measures have impacted students all over the world. We do not anticipate that any of these measures will prevent potential students from enrolling at RNS.

    The Admissions Process remains unchanged. RNS will continue to review grades from multiple school years, teacher recommendations, responses from the application questionnaire, and information from an interview, as we have always done in making admission decisions. We understand that there may be individual situations that could require slight modifications and we are happy to work with applicants on these. 


List of 3 frequently asked questions.


List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. COVID-19 AND GRADUATION: What is the latest information?

    The health, safety and well-being of our community members are always our top priority. Although planning for June graduation and the ceremony schedule remains unchanged, the current pandemic conditions may require cancellation or postponement on short notice. Please ensure your travel arrangements are refundable should you become ill or adjustments to Graduation dates arise or cancellation occurs.

    We understand that the Awards Evening, the Grad Chapel Service, the Closing Ceremonies and the Graduation Dinner and Dance are milestone events in the RNS community. We are exploring alternate ways to celebrate the graduating class of 2020 and to properly bring our year to a close, should cancellation be required. 

    We are actively monitoring the situation and will advise you of changes as soon as we are able. As changes occur, we will update this webpage with more comprehensive information.

    The RNS community can stay informed of developments through this page and This Week @ RNS.
  • Q. Will INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (IB) be awarding diplomas and certificates this year?

    Yes. The International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) will award Certificates and Diplomas this year. 

    However, the IBO has announced that the May examinations for the IB Diploma Programme will not be held this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The May 2020 examinations scheduled between April 30 and May 22 for Diploma Programme candidates are cancelled. 

    The IBO will follow a rigorous process of due diligence in arriving at the decision of whether to award IB subject Certificates or the IB Diploma. They will consider the coursework completed to this point and the Predicted Grades (PG) of teachers. In addition, they will undertake significant analysis of historical data from the previous exam sessions, individual school data, subject data as well as comparative data from schools. 

    We know parents and students may have  questions. For further details and FAQs go to:  
    If you have specific questions, they can be directed to our IB Coordinator, Jacqueline Albinati or our Assistant Head of School, Craig Jollymore
  • Q. THE RNS DIPLOMA: Will the graduating class of 2020 still receive their RNS Diploma?

    Please note that students graduate from our school with an RNS Diploma, in addition to having the opportunity to earn an IB Diploma. Instruction will continue through the At-Home Learning Program so that students can meet graduation requirements. 

At-Home Learning

List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Does RNS have an At-Home Learning Plan?

    RNS is committed to the education of our students until the conclusion of the school year in June. We have put into place an At-Home Learning Program for all of our current students

    The June Report will reflect the engagement and assessments of your son or daughter in this At-Home Learning Program. 

    If you are an existing parent, please note the following:

    First, students can find a week-at-glance document under Topics on the portal page for each of their courses. This outlines the learning outcomes, key tasks, assignment and check-in due dates for the week. Due dates and check-in times  will also be found in the student’s portal assignment centre for the week.

    Second, we have monitored the workload for students at each age level and have made adjustments so that our expectations are manageable while still being meaningful. An approximate guideline is 2-3 hours per day in Middle School, 3 hours per day in Grades 9 and 10 and 4 hours per day in Grades 11 and 12. 

    Third, to support the healthy routines for our students we have made ongoing adjustments to the At-Home Learning Program based on survey results and feedback. We have also shared a number of fun and safe ways for students to stay active. These can be found on the school portal. 

    Please reach out to us if your son or daughter needs better support at this time. The first point of contact is usually the advisor, although our Assistant Head of School, University and Guidance Counsellors, ESL Teacher, Learning Support Strategist, IB Coordinator and Health Centre are all available from a distance. 
  • Q. Will At-Home Learning affect my June Report?

    Absolutely. Grades on the June Report are cumulative and will be affected by your engagement and assessment results in the At-Home Learning Program.
  • Q. Although campus is closed, what learning support is available?

    All of the regular supports that we have in place for students remain available from a distance.  Advisors remain your primary support on any matter and will be connecting weekly with your daughter or son. Teachers remain available by email, phone or Zoom. 

    As well,  our regular student services remain available to support the learning or mental health and wellness needs of our students. Your initial contact should be through email. 

    Assistant Head of School - Academics (Craig Jollymore)
    Director of Technology and Learning Initiatives (Tammy Earle)
    English as a Second Language support (Andrea Jollymore)
    University Counselor (Cody Alderson)
    IB Coordinator (Jacqueline Albinati)
    School Counselor (Dolores Young)
    Support for students with learning differences (Dolores Young)
    Mental Health Services (Dolores Young)
    Medical support and advice (Health Centre)
  • Q. I’m an International student. If I’m at home, when do I return? If I’m still in Canada, what should I do?

    As was suggested previously, international students should remain at home or arrange to return home, if possible. That being said, we realize how complicated this has become in the past week.  If you have arranged long-term and appropriate accommodations in Canada, we will continue to do everything we can to provide support. Contact your advisor if you need our help.

Tuition, Fees & Assistance

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  • Q. I received my Statement of Account. What if I can’t make the payment right away?

    Your statements will be sent out next week. The deadline for next year’s deposit was March 20, 2020. We want to thank families who have made this commitment for next year and encourage those who can to make payment as soon as possible. We are aware, however, you may be challenged to fulfill this obligation at this time. We have granted extensions, when requested, and have waived all monthly interest charges until June 19, 2020.

    All trips and other incidental expenses normally charged this month have been cancelled, reversed or refunded.  If this is not the case, please contact us. We are also reviewing our incremental and variable cost savings for boarding students not currently in residence. It is our intent to consider some form of credit where applicable to boarding families. Details will be made available later in the school year.

    If your circumstances are such that you require financial accommodations beyond those which have been outlined, please do not hesitate to contact either Tanya Moran ( or Shauna MacNeill ( in the Business Office.
  • Q. Is Tuition Assistance available?

    We continue to process applications and requests for Scholarships and Bursaries. If families now need to seek tuition assistance for the 2020–21 academic year or have a previous offer revisited, please submit your request to the Admissions team at any time. We will do our best to accommodate as many families as possible given the current financial situation.

Student IT Support

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School Cancellations

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  • Q. I signed-up for an upcoming event. Is it still on?

    Regrettably due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the following events. (Please note that additional events are likely to be added. The online calendar will be updated regularly.):
    • Round Square Conference of the Americas - April 1 - 7 
    • IB & Senior School Art Show - April 1 - 15 
    • RNS Evening of Original Music - April 1 
    • RNS Broadway Summit - April 3 - 6 
    • RNS Montreal Trip - April 10 - 13 
    • 31st Annual RugbyFest - April 17 - 19 
    • CAIS Senior School Leadership Conference - April 22-26 
    • Community Performance Series - April 28 
    • NB DramaFest - May 4 - 9
    • RNS Art Show & Sale - May 8 - 9 
    • Grade 11 Mother's Day Brunch - May 9
    • Grade 12 White Water Rafting Trip - May 25
    • Grade 12 Lobster Dinner - May 30
    • Reunion Weekend 2020 - postponed to June 2021