Grad 2021

Awards Ceremony & Year-End Video
Wednesday, June 2nd, 2:00 - 4:00 PM (ADT)
The Awards Ceremony celebrates the entire student body with prizes in academics, athletics, arts, and service. It is the culminating event on campus for all students in Grades 6 to 11. This event will be livestreamed to Advisor Groups and also recorded. Students need to be in #1 Dress for this day. All awards may be picked up in Heritage Hall afterwards and photographs will be taken of Major Award winners at this time.  
*  Awards Ceremony Livestream
Awards Ceremony Program
Awards Ceremony Prize Winners
Closing Chapel
Thursday, June 3rd, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (ADT) 
Closing Chapel will be livestreamed and recorded. Our Grade 12 students will participate in person, with up to two invited guests, in Heritage Hall. Students need to be in #1 Dress for this event. Guests will be asked COVID-19 screening questions as well as to sign in. Masks will be required. Please see the note below regarding guests.
Graduation Dinner
Thursday, June 3rd, 6:00 - 9:00 PM
Graduates and their guests may arrive on campus beginning at 5:30 pm. An RNS employee will be at the top of the Hill to welcome you, ask COVID-19 screening questions, and confirm your contact information. In addition, they will provide you with a map indicating directional instructions – please follow the map carefully. Parking is available behind the arena. Guests must proceed directly to their graduate’s lawn sign to await the graduation procession, while graduates will go to South House to line up. While on campus, everyone must wear masks, and we kindly ask that you sanitize and remain socially distanced from people outside of your household bubble. 

Guests must remain behind their graduate’s sign to watch the procession and to take pictures. We ask that family members and guests please do not gather at South House or Heritage Hall to take photos. We will have a professional photographer present to take photos of the procession, and we will share pictures with graduates following the event. 

The Graduation Dinner will end at approximately 9:00 pm. Pick up is in the parking lot behind the arena. If there is inclement weather, we will send an updated itinerary by 4:00 pm on Thursday, June 3rd to provide updated information about drop off and pick up.

Graduation & Closing Ceremony
Friday, June 4th, 1:00 - 3:00 PM (ADT)
The Graduation and Closing Ceremony will be livestreamed and recorded from Heritage Hall for our school community. Our Grade 12 students will participate in person, with up to two invited guests. Graduating students should wear a white dress or #1 Dress and arrive at Collegiate Hall by 11:45 am where they will receive their boutonnieres and corsages. From there, guests are asked to proceed to Heritage Hall to ensure that we can start the Closing Ceremony on time. Graduating students will proceed to the Irving Gymnasium shortly thereafter to prepare for the procession to Heritage Hall. Please see the note below regarding guests.
*  Graduation & Closing Ceremony Livestream 
Graduation & Closing Ceremony Program
Graduation & Closing Prize Winners

  1. Masks must be worn at all times on campus, both inside and outside, during each graduation-related event.
  2. Our graduating students have already indicated who will be attending Closing Chapel, the Graduation Dinner Procession, the Graduation Dinner, and the Graduation and Closing Ceremony with them. A list of guests has been provided to New Brunswick Public Health. Changes are no longer permitted at this time.
  3. According to New Brunswick Public Health guidelines, parents coming from out of province must pick up their student(s) and leave New Brunswick within 24 hours. Unfortunately, according to these guidelines, you are not permitted to attend any graduation week events. 
  4. In-person events and guest participation are subject to change based on the New Brunswick Public Health guidelines at the time of the event.


Samuel Alamutu
Paige Allaby
Eldar Barnea
Edik Beddoes
Emily Bessey
Ginger Birnie
Bradley Blake
Zack Bottigoni
Maks Bukovec
Emma Calabrese
Zhuoyun (Joyce) Chen
Farah Fakri
Mingde (Frank) Han
Julia Hanson
Patrick Hurley
Grace Jennings
Yixing (Alice) Jiang
Yizhou (Amber) Jiang
Jenna Kong
Andoni Lecube
Anna Lee
Adam Limongelli
Yixuan Liu
Yuhan (Nancy) Ma
Malcolm MacKinnon
Jon Magee
Cassie McCallum
Kenneth McLaughlin
Sophie Milner
Meiko Miura
Chad Monteque
Owen Morrison
Anika Nice
Shiqi (Mophy) Ning
Erica Nowlan
Tochi Nworie
Carina Ouellette
Isaac Oxley
Tess Paillé
Mireya Palacios
Matthew Pennell
Gabrielle Pinet
Josh Reimer
Simran Ritcey-Chatur
Justin Roh
Emma Saucy
Samuel Schonfeld
Lexie Small
Josh Steele
Taiyo Suzuki
Dominic Thériault
Laura Thompson
Mallory Thornhill
Claire Wilbur
Anran (Angela) Xu
Matteo Zagar
Zaki Zahari
Angxiao (Shawn) Zhao