Middle School Physical Education

Grade 6 PE
Students will be introduced to various individual and team oriented activities to encourage active participation and skill development in sport. Emphasis at this grade level will be to identify general and specific learning outcomes that the students are expected to achieve, and are the foundations for progressive learning. Physical and Health Education are combined, with the content of both subject areas integrated and organized within five interrelated learning outcomes; movement, fitness management, safety, personal and social management and healthy lifestyle practices.

Grade 7 PE
The Grade 7 Physical Education curriculum builds on the previous year’s introduction of skill and knowledge of sports. Students will have increased game play where their skills are developed and the knowledge of game rules tested. The combination of Physical and Health Education are to assist the student in identifying and choosing a healthy lifestyle to promote healthy living. Topics covered include, adequate physical activity, healthy dietary behaviours, social responsibility with family and peers, along with introduction knowledge of drugs, including alcohol and tobacco prevention.
Grade 8 PE
The Middle Years philosophy continues in Grade 8, preparing the students for their upcoming senior years. Emphasis in the health curriculum will be on helping the students build a positive self-image, develop acceptance of self and others, and make healthy enhancing decisions during the adolescent years. The active Physical Education curriculum will assist students to become stronger, healthier and more knowledgeable players to participate on Rothesay Netherwood School teams, and to be healthier citizens outside the school setting.