Middle School Arts

Middle School Art
This course introduces students to the basics of visual arts. Students examine and participate in a variety of art-making activities, including both two and three dimensional techniques. Students are also introduced to the vast history behind the visual arts. Students will complete studio work using basic art-making processes and written work examining various artists and the elements of design.
Middle School Drama
This course introduces students to the basics of performance. Students examine and participate in a variety of dramatic activities, including acting, theatrical design and playwriting. Students are also introduced to a variety of plays and theatrical genres. Students will write and perform in a short play as part of their final presentation.
Middle School Music
All middle school students are enrolled in band class. The students are generally divided into 2 groups; Beginners and Experienced students. Class time includes the study of scales, sight reading and technique which helps to enhance embouchure, articulation, tone, rhythm. Hal Leonard’s Essential Elements 2000 combined with the GPS Band program is our primary band methods for beginners. Returning students use band charts as well as the habits of musicianship pieces to expand their repertoire. Music history and theory are taught in relation to their band repertoire. This allows for a deeper understanding and exploration of music and how it relates to their life and repertoire. Since music is fluid the students are encouraged to go beyond the notes on the page to experience the true nature of musical expression. The study of composition allows the students to assimilate their learning and, as a result, create a tapestry of sound. There are two concerts presented throughout the year. Each of these concerts includes an opportunity for students to perform, selected band repertoire as well as solo/ensemble work. Each student is required to submit a portion of their home practice session via video, as part of a digital portfolio.