Middle Schoolers discover Quebec

In February, Middle School students had the opportunity to take part in French language trip to Quebec. Here's what Grade 8 students Amanda Li and Ella Tomilson had to say about the adventure.
On February 11th a group of RNS students left campus for a week-long Middle School trip to Quebec City! It was an amazing experience and we had so much fun. 
The night we arrived, we met our lovely tour guide who showed us around Old Quebec to learn about its history. The next morning, we headed off to a circus school where we learned and watched lots of circus tricks. One of the best parts was when the professionals performed an amazing circus number with all kinds of flips and spins, and they even rode a unicycle! They were so talented! Another great highlight was our visit to the aquarium. There were so many fish, crabs, and jellyfish, but the most popular thing to see there were the arctic foxes! Everyone loved trying to take photos and even selfies with them! We ended up getting some pretty cute photos and a case of arctic fox fever! Another highlight was our visit to the Ice Hotel. We learned how great architecture is right now, and we had a lot of fun touring the Ice Hotel.
One of the best parts of the trip would have to be the dog sledding. We partnered up and chose our sled and those dogs ran as fast as lightning! The dogs really love pulling those sleds. One of the important things we learned is that no matter what happens don't leave the slide. If you leave the slide, it is not safe for you and your partner because on the slide you can stop the dog from pulling, but if you leave the slide, the dog will keep running your partner will not be safe. Another important thing to note is that you cannot let the frigid weather ruin your experience. While it was very, very cold, it’s better to be in the moment than to focus on the cold. 
What did you learn?
The purpose of the trip was to practice our French. We had to adapt and even the students who spoke limited French tried their hardest to communicate, sometimes just by saying “merci” or “bonjour”. After this trip, everyone was able to understand more French words and we could talk with other people in French. Some of the students were able to speak with teachers entirely in French.
A big thank you goes to our teachers for taking us on this trip. We had so much fun and really appreciate all you did for us.