'Terry Fox is my hero': annual run brings community together

Alison Jenkins Telegraph Journal
September 16, 2018

SAINT JOHN • In the early morning, Jennifer Roos' parents got her out of bed to see Terry Fox run through their Quebec town. It was still dark and Roos, then 8, didn't see much.
"It was just knowing. It was more just going outside and knowing that he was going by," said Roos. "We knew it was significant."
Roos' respect for Fox's efforts has grown in the years since that dark morning.

The communications co-ordinator for Rothesay Netherwood School (RNS) is passionate about hosting the annual Terry Fox Run for the Kennebecasis Valley.
Almost all the student body and staff participate as well as the community.
Paul McLellan is the Head of School at RNS. He's proud to do his part for the run, but credits local resident Ian Swanton for the run's success.
"He was really the person who headed it," said McLellan, saying the school just picked up where Swanton left off six years ago.
Dolores Young has been helping organize the Terry Fox Run for the last 14 years. She's the department head for Physical and Health Education at RNS and the house parent for "53 awesome girls" in the seniors women's dorm.
"Terry Fox is my hero," said Young. "Here's someone who worked so hard and died of cancer, and if he had (developed) cancer today, he'd still be around."
The start line was packed with bikes, roller blades, adults, children, dogs and of course the
RNS students and staff.
At 1 p.m., the race began. The wheeled participants rolled out with the two- and four-legged walkers and runners close behind.
One speedy runner, Stephen Vienneau hoped to stay well ahead of the pack.
The program co-ordinator for Grades 11 and 12 challenged all four houses to beat him in the
"It's a really important event," said McLellan. "It's something we can do for the community." He added if Terry Fox was willing to run across Canada, "we can do our part."

"He is an icon that I hope we never lose sight of," said Young.
"We need to understand that there are people out here suffering and what can we do? We can help. We can help just by being part of this Terry Fox run this weekend."