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School Dress

On class days, RNS students wear their school uniform. This consists of either 'Number 1' or 'Classroom' Dress. Fridays and special events are designated as Number 1 Dress days. Once the school day is over, everyone dresses in comfortable casual clothing. This occasionally extends into the school day.

List of 4 items.

  • Number 1 Dress for Boys

    • gray flannel dress pants,
    • RNS crested white dress shirt,
    • dress socks (grey, navy blue or black)
    • black dress shoes,
    • black leather belt
    • a navy blazer with school crest and
    • a School Tie, Scholars' Tie or Prefect Tie
  • Number 1 Dress for Girls

    • a school tunic,
    • RNS crested white dress shirt,
    • green dress socks or long green tights,
    • brown dress shoes,
    • a green blazer and
    • a School Tie, Scholars' Tie or Prefect Tie
  • Classroom Dress

    Classroom dress, in each case above, consists of substituting a school sweater or vest in place of a blazer for boys. Girls may also choose to wear the school kilt with a school sweater or vest in place of the tunic and, on colder winter days, a pair of gray flannel dress pants. Boys may also substitute their white dress shirt for a blue dress shirt. RNS Polo Shirts may also be worn by both boys and girls.
  • Physical Education Dress

    Physical Education dress includes blue RNS crested shorts and a blue athletic shirt for boys and girls.

The Campus Store: TIES

The Campus Store and Uniform Shop (TIES) is run and operated by RNS parent volunteers. TIES is located on the lower level of School House. The store stocks new uniforms, athletic clothing, casual clothing with the school name and crest, and gently used uniforms such as kilts, tunics, blazers, etc.

During the school year, the TIES is open Mondays and Wednesdays from 11am - 1pm and Fridays from 11am - 1:30pm. Parents may also call or email in advance for appointments outside the Shop hours.

Most uniform items (re-orders only), athletic gear, and many other RNS items can be purchased through email or by telephone. Parents may charge their online purchases to a VISA or MasterCard, or to their student account; purchases may be conveniently picked up on campus by the student.

For more information on the Campus Store & Uniform Shop, contact
Tel: 506.848.0878