A Rothesay Netherwood School education builds on a tradition of intellectual and community engagement and prepares students for the challenges of the 21st century. Our rigorous academic program is supported by low student-teacher ratios and a world-class IB curriculum. Encouraging words are delivered daily by faculty and staff who provide students with the opportunity to fulfill their potential by thinking critically and independently.
RNS's position at the forefront of education is made possible by our inspired and inspiring faculty and staff.

Our highly qualified teachers know every one of our students by name and work tirelessly toward the education and enrichment of each of them. They are incredibly accessible, not only imparting knowledge, but also serving as encouraging mentors and our students' biggest advocates.
Teaching at RNS extends well beyond the classroom. Our teachers can be found coaching on the playing fields, directing in the theatre, providing after-hours tutoring, and serving as houseparents and Advisors to our boarding students.
RNS has a daily Advisor Program that is truly unique. It ensures that each student receives the highest possible level of emotional and social support from our tremendously committed faculty and staff. 
We have well-rounded student support services that provide our students with encouraging words when they need them. These dedicated experts are on-hand to help with nutrition, health and wellness, athletic injury recovery and guidance. And our University Placement office works on-on-one with students as they make their post-secondary education decisions, helping them navigate the application and scholarship processes.
RNS's caring community includes our alumni who maintain a close connection with the school by keeping RNS close to their hearts. They lend their time, talents, and resources to help our school best serve the next generation of RNS graduates.

Our Unique Advisor Program

Teachers at Rothesay Netherwood School act as advisors, mentors and coaches. Advisors monitor each student's progress, academically, athletically and socially. They communicate regularly with parents through written reports, telephone conversations, emails, and personal interviews. Advisors meet with their advisees' subject teachers, both formally and informally. They also consult with their advisees' houseparents.
Reports are reviewed by the advisor and then shared with the student and parents. We encourage regular contact by email and telephone between the advisor and the parents. For contact information, please see our Faculty Directory.

Ecouraging words. Delivered daily.

40 College Hill Road
Rothesay, NB
E2E 5H1


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