Admission FAQ

List of 19 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Where is Rothesay Netherwood School?

    RNS is located in the region known as “Atlantic Canada” in the quaint town of Rothesay, New Brunswick. Rothesay is only 10 minutes from the city centre of Saint John, a seaport city on the world-renowned Bay of Fundy, and 10 minutes from the Saint John airport.

    RNS has a 125-acre campus overlooking the Kennebecasis River which flows to the Bay of Fundy in the Atlantic Ocean. The valley is beautiful!
  • Q. How do I apply to RNS?

    Please visit the RNS application page to complete the online form and submit the application fee of $100/Canadian applicants, $200/International applicants. 

    Submit the application with the most current school report and the previous two years’ final reports. We also require, for both day and boarding students, a copy of the student's birth certificate and/or passport. All international students are required to send a copy of their passport and their parents' passports.
  • Q. How many students attend RNS?

    RNS is a small boarding and day school with 300 students from Canada and around the world. Approximately half of the student population is composed of boarders living in residence. The remainder are day students from the local area.
  • Q. What happens after I apply?

    The Admission Office will contact you to set up an appointment for an interview in person or virtually.

    You should submit the confidential teacher recommendation as soon as possible. Click here to download the form.
  • Q. When should I apply?

    You should apply to RNS as soon as you have made your decision. Generally applications are received six months before the school year they want to attend. It is best to apply early so that you may take advantage of scholarship and bursary opportunities and to ensure that there is still space available.
  • Q. How do students get to your school?

    There are a number of flights to Saint John through Toronto or Montreal daily. It is less than a two-hour flight from Toronto and the school is located only 10 minutes from the airport. Transportation will be arranged to and from the airport for students who are unaccompanied.
  • Q. Are there other fees in addition to boarding & tuition?

    Yes. Please see the detailed outline of fees that pertain to you. It is available on our website.

    Dell laptop computers used by our students are at an additional cost for all new students. The laptop belongs to the student and comes with a 3-year comprehensive warranty.

    Uniforms, excursions, health insurance and spending money are all extra costs.
  • Q. The fees for boarding school are expensive. How can we make it more affordable?

    Yes. Boarding school is expensive but you must consider it as an investment in your child’s future. There are processes in place to help parents afford the high fees paid at independent schools. You may apply for scholarship, bursaries, and payment plans that make it easier for families to manage.

    RNS is an IB World School and as a result, a portion of the tuition for students in the IB Diploma program is tax deductible; Grade 11 and 12 students who are enrolled in Higher Level (HL) courses are issued a T2202 form.
  • Q. How do I apply for scholarships and/or bursaries?

    Please contact the Admission Office for details. Scholarships are based on school reports and a Scholarship Portfolio. See here for more details.

    Bursaries are needs-based; third-party assessment is through Apple Financial. Please contact the Admission Office for details.

    We try to help as many families as we can, but funds are limited. We encourage families to begin the process early.
  • Q. Can I switch from being a Boarding Student to a Day Student? Or Day Student to Boarding Student?

    Yes, sometimes families will move to the area and students will opt to change from being a boarder to becoming a Day Student. To do this, you must notify the school in advance. We need to know by November 1st of the current school year of your intentions for the next school year. 

    If you are a Day Student wishing to board, please contact the Admission Department to discuss availability.
  • Q. What universities do the students at RNS attend?

    99-100% of all graduates of RNS attend top universities across Canada and world-wide. Primarily they are attending top universities in Ontario and Atlantic Canada. Some will write SATS to go to the USA and others will go further abroad.
  • Q. What is the IB Programme? Can you tell me more about it?

    The IB Diploma Programme is an internationally recognized program which is offered to students in Grades 11 and 12. It is a challenging liberal arts curriculum for highly motivated students. The International Baccalaureate Diploma, based upon the best practices from national systems of education around the world, was designed to provide students an education credential that could be understood by universities in any country. Students in this program are encouraged to be active learners, well-rounded individuals, and engaged global citizens.
  • Q. What benefits are there to studying in an IB Programme?

    IB is designed to educate the whole student and is aimed at the mid-range student and above. What the IB Programme requires students to have are a strong work ethic, good time management and solid study skills. The IB Diploma Programme challenges students to think about global issues, cultural assumptions and our place in the world community. Students move beyond the classroom, become involved in service in their community and work creatively. Universities clearly recognize the distinction of IB coursework. Our graduates are sought after aggressively by universities that appreciate the attributes of the IB Diploma Programme graduate.
  • Q. What other clubs/activities can I participate in at RNS?

    Each student participates in a co-curricular activity every day at RNS. Competitive and non-competitive sports, as well as a variety of non-sport options are available. A gymnasium, several playing fields, squash courts, fitness centre, rowing training facility, ice hockey arena, running trails and a climbing wall all contribute to the health and well-being of RNS students.

    Music, art and drama are huge components of life at RNS. There are many opportunities for participation and performance throughout the school year. Debating, model UN, and Reach for the Top are very popular.
  • Q. My child has a learning disability (i.e. dyslexia). Is she/he able to attend RNS?

    Absolutely, yes! RNS recognizes that children have different learning styles. Our small atmosphere ensures the one-to-one attention that many students may require for educational success. If the disability does not require changes in curriculum or major accommodations in our classroom, RNS faculty are able to tailor to the individual needs of our students. The school recognizes effort just as much as achievement. A student can be doing their best and achieve great standing at the school in the IB Programme. If you have questions, please contact the Admission Office at or by phone at 506-847-8224.
  • Q. What is there to do on the weekends at school?

    There are a wide-variety of weekend activities offered on and off campus on the weekends. Excursions to the city for concerts, shopping, movies, and sporting events are quite common. Trips to New Brunswick tourist destinations are also arranged for those wishing to see the province. Through RNS Outdoors, students can take part in adventures and activities that include camping, kayaking, skiing, hiking, and more. Socializing and just sleeping in are enjoyed by all of the students here at RNS, too. There is something for everyone!
  • Q. Where do the students generally come from at RNS?

    RNS has a diverse student population. Approximately half of our students come from New Brunswick while Canadian students from other provinces and territories make up 25% of our population. The remaining students are international, coming from countries around the world, including the US, Germany, Bermuda, the Caribbean, Korea, China, Japan, the UK.
  • Q. Is there a school uniform? Where do I buy them and what do they cost?

    During class time students wear their school uniform. Classroom dress is worn Monday through Thursday. Fridays and special event days are designated as #1 dress. When the school day is over, everyone dresses in comfortable casual clothing. This occasionally extends into the school day; we have dress-down days about once a month to raise money for worthwhile charitable causes outside the school. School uniforms can be purchased at TIES, the RNS Campus Store. For more information about uniforms, please contact
40 College Hill Road
Rothesay, NB
E2E 5H1

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