Senior School 11-12

Students in Grade 11 and 12 take part in the formal IB Diploma Program.
The Grade 11/12 program at Rothesay Netherwood School is rich with opportunities. Our students have the chance to take part in an array of activities surrounding service, athletics, the arts and leadership all while experiencing a truly inspiring academic program. Our dedicated faculty ensures our students grow as learners but also as members of our local and the greater international community.
The International Baccalaureate Programme continues to be at the forefront of our school culture. We, as a school, align ourselves and strive to embrace all facets of the program, which emphasizes intercultural understanding and improvement. It challenges our students to think on a global scale while encouraging personal attributes like empathy and intellectual curiosity.
Teaching our kids to give back to their community both local and abroad is an important aspect of our program. Locally students help with various charities and organizations like PALS and Big Brothers and Sisters and are expected to embrace the sacrifice that comes along with helping others. There are also international service trip opportunities that present a viewpoint of how globally connected we truly are.

Our school is also committed to fostering the leaders of tomorrow. Our students have the opportunity to lead by example and are viewed as ambassadors for our school and what we represent. In their Grade 12 year all students take on the role of a Prefect. This is a chance for our students to take ownership of a leadership role of their choice mentored by a faculty member.
This is only a brief snapshot of what our school has to offer and our commitment to student growth by creating a truly inspiring environment for learning.

11-12 at a Glance

The curriculum prepares students for the rigours of undergraduate study through the detailed examination of subject content, the breadth of study required in our program and the development of analytic and communication skills. Our graduates are literate, numerate, technologically savvy, independent and critical thinkers.

The RNS faculty guide and challenge each student to do her/his best; they set high standards of performance for the students and lend guidance and support. The faculty continually is cited by students, parents, alumni and governors as the key component for success at RNS.


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