Senior School 9-10

Students in Grades 9 and 10 participate in a foundational two-year programme to prepare them for the formal IB Diploma Program offered in Grades 11 and 12.
Discovery prepares students for the rigours of the International Baccalaureate Program by continually providing opportunities to not only experience learning in exciting and impactful ways, but also to truly build a sense of self as learners, individuals, and citizens of the world.

Learning in Grades 9 and 10 is in many ways characterized by the incredible classroom experiences and the dynamic approaches to teaching and learning by our amazing faculty. However, we are also perpetually determined to break down the walls that can sometimes exist between subject areas with “disruptED” days that meaningfully connect learning – all learning – across curriculum. In the past, these days have been called Zombie Day, the Escape Room/Catapult Challenge, The Atomic Bomb Joint Simulation, and The Presentation Skills Retreat (to name a few). Teachers further connect learning over larger periods of time, such as the English and History exploration of the civil Rights Movement throughout America in the 1960s.

The Discovery Program also values independent learning and innovation, and so students are continually provided with opportunities to “design think” their path toward possible solutions when challenged with complex problems. As such, students are provided with a Genius Hour each week through which to explore a particular passion and its possibility to create meaningful change in the world. Students are given a further 30 minutes each day to independently read and actively build their reading lives, as we understand that passionate literacy and a deep engagement with critical issues of our world greatly predict success in education and beyond. This connection is furthered by the students’ participation in the Youth Philanthropy Initiative, the Duke of Edinburgh Program and their roles as environmental leaders in our school community.

All learning throughout Grades 9 and 10 is captured by consistent self-reflection on the Reflective Blogs, through which students work to make sense of, and connect learning, through the four Learning Outcomes of the Discovery Program: Caring, Curiosity, Thoughtfulness and Teamwork.

9-10 Discovery Program


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    Craig Jollymore 

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    Assistant Head of School - Academics
The curriculum prepares students for the rigours of undergraduate study through the detailed examination of subject content, the breadth of study required in our program and the development of analytic and communication skills. Our graduates are literate, numerate, technologically savvy, independent and critical thinkers.

The RNS faculty guide and challenge each student to do her/his best; they set high standards of performance for the students and lend guidance and support. The faculty continually is cited by students, parents, alumni and governors as the key component for success at RNS.

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