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US & International Giving

We have alumni, parents and friends living in all parts of the world who support Rothesay Netherwood School. No matter the distance, this generosity is greatly appreciated.
Working with our donors, we ensure that gifts are receiptable to the fullest extent possible.  However, in some cases receipts will not be useful for income earned in other countries, depending on the tax laws of each country.
Donors living in the US can donate through our US Foundation, Rothesay Netherwood School US Foundation, Inc. For further information, please view below. For those donors who reside in the UK, instructions on making a donation can be found by viewing below.
We look forward to continuing our relationship with you. If you have questions about charitable giving and tax receipts, please contact The Development & Alumni Affairs Office at 506-848-0861 or via email at To donate online now, click here.

Residents of the USA

Extra assurance offered to US alumni and friends
Enabling our US based alumni and friends to direct their gifts to RNS can be done through the Rothesay Netherwood School US Foundation Inc. The Rothesay Netherwood School US Foundation, Inc.’s tax number provided by the IRS is 46-4702044.
Donations made to this foundation, a US Internal Revenue Service Code section 501(c) (3) charitable corporation, will generate US receipts easing the donor’s tax filing process.
For more information on the US foundation, please contact The Development & Alumni Affairs office at 506-848-0861 or via email at

Residents of the UK

In the UK, donors need to set up an account for "general giving" with the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF).  Donors are then able to make a gift to the CAF and direct it to Rothesay Netherwood School. A tax receipt useful in the UK will be issued by CAF, and the funds will be sent to Rothesay Netherwood School. Please quote reference number NS10926.
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