Our Programs

Rothesay Netherwood School has a broad and diverse program for Music, Drama, and Visual Arts.
The RNS Arts program provides our students with a diverse range of opportunities that foster creativity and develop inquiring minds. Through music, drama, visual art and design, students are encouraged to take risks and develop their own voices through artistic expression. Our qualified instructors bring the arts to life, inspire students, and ignite creative passions that will last a lifetime.

RNS offers many academic arts programs starting in Middle School with drama, engineering and design, music, and visual art. These Middle School options develop collaborative, flexible, and creative skills and build a solid foundation for our students. In Senior School, students have the opportunity to further develop these skills through a variety of courses including IB Music and IB Visual Art.

All students also have the option to be a part of our rich co-curricular arts program. They may choose to explore their creative talents by singing with the choir or Glee Club, performing with an ensemble, acting on stage, or working on a visual piece in Art Club.

RNS offers an Arts education that develops higher level critical thinking and communication skills, cultivates cultural awareness, and promotes self-expression and reflection as a pathway to individual self-discovery.

Students in the Middle School partake in an Arts Cycle program that allows them to experience all of these areas as well as an Engineering & Design program. 

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Festival of Arts

The RNS FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS is new initiative to promote the Arts for youth in New Brunswick. Participants took part in workshops and demonstrated their skills in a Coffee House and gallery presentation. The festival kicked off in October with registration, a keynote address and workshops throughout the day. Professional instructors such as Glenn Hall, Dr. Robin Whitaker and Jesse Lynn Jenkins offered over 30 different workshops in Drama, Art, Music & Dance. The first day of the festival culminated with a Gallery & Coffee in conjunction with the RNS coffee house. There was also an opportunity for students to meet university representatives and learn more about Fine Arts programs offered throughout the maritime provinces.