Welcome to RNS

It is my pleasure to offer greetings on behalf our school. As Head of School at RNS, I am very fortunate to work with an incredible group of students, faculty, and staff every day. These people inspire me to do my best to support them in all facets of our program – academics, arts, athletics, and service.

Students enjoy broad success at RNS because we are a small school with a big school program. As a small school, we offer students the opportunity to be safe, to value learning, to build meaningful relationships, and to be part of a community. Our students are also encouraged to be broadly involved in our robust extra-curricular program. Our most successful students excel in the classroom and are often immersed in several activities on the Hill or in the community.

In our mission, we state that RNS is committed to the development of character, courage, creativity, and a passion for learning. This is an ambitious charge, but an important reminder about what you should expect from an RNS education.

I hope that our website provides you with the information that you require. If you are interested in additional information or coming for a visit, please contact us. 

Paul McLellan
Head of School