About RNS

What it all comes down to is that RNS is an outstanding school which focuses on the student in a caring and supportive Atlantic Canadian community.
The faculty is not only highly qualified and skilled but they have a true passion for education. They go above and beyond daily as this is not just a job, but their life. Anyone who comes for a visit will remark on the incredible school environment. The interaction between students is amazing as are the interactions of students with their teachers. Seeing the school in action is the best way to get a true sense of RNS and the many incredible intangibles the school provides.
Thank you for taking the first steps to making a well-informed decision. We invite you to become a part of the school of choice and encourage you to complete an inquiry or application so that we can connect with you personally. Be sure to book a visit to see for yourself how extraordinary RNS is. We have it all right here for you to discover Your RNS.