Visual Arts

Students of Visual Arts at RNS explore a variety of artistic media and techniques. They experience a wide range of artistic activities that foster competency in both two and three dimensional form. Students develop research and inquiry skills as they study influential artists and art fundamentals beginning with North American Art in Middle School and then more globally from prehistoric to contemporary art history at the senior level.
In the studio, students learn the expressive qualities of both conventional artistic materials as well as more contemporary media. Traditional methods of production and material usage are combined with new applications and techniques taught throughout the program. Students also learn the function of art in society, to interpret art within a personal, contemporary and historical context, and to refine their own artistic production.
At the IB level our students build outstanding portfolios of personally relevant work and share their learning and production in a final self-curated art show.
40 College Hill Road
Rothesay, NB
E2E 5H1

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