Reunion Weekend

Class Dinners & Gatherings

Class Dinners & Gatherings

Check back here for special dinners and gatherings for individual classes taking place over Reunion Weekend. Don’t have one arranged for your class? Feel free to join another class or make plans now for your class to meet up. We’d be happy to help with the details!

Special Class Events Planned:

RCS & Netherwood Classes of 1957
Friday, June 17th
Lunch at 12pm at RNS in Heritage Hall
Dinner at 4:30pm at Peddler's Creek BBQ, 141 Hampton Rd, Rothesay

RCS Class of 1960
Friday, June 17th - Dinner at Shadow Lawn Inn

RCS Class of 1962
Saturday, June 18th, 9am - Coffee and Class Chat followed by breakfast in Heritage Hall

Netherwood Class of 1962
Friday, June 17th - Afternoon BBQ at the home of Murray & Nita (MacMurray) Driscoll '62.

RCS Class of 1970
Friday, June 17th, 4pm at the home of Chris Snow '70
Sunday, June 19th Brunch at the home of Glenn McCutcheon '70

RCS Classes of 1971 and 1972
Friday, June 17th - Dinner at Shadow Lawn Inn

Classes of 1980, 1981 & 1982
Thursday, June 16th at the home of Kent Grass '81

Classes of 1986 & 1987
Friday, June 17th - Uptown Saint John
Drinks at 5:30pm Happinez Wine Bar, 42 Princess St (below Britt's)
Dinner at 7pm at Billy's Seafood, 51 Charlotte St (top of the City Market)

Class of 1992
Friday, June 17th - Afternoon - Boat cruise with Captain John Goodfellow '92
Friday, June 17th - Evening - Social Gathering at the home of Seamus Byrne '92