Parent-Teacher Interviews

Parent-Teacher interviews will be held over Zoom from noon to 5 pm.
Parent-teacher interviews will happen this year over Zoom rather than in person. This is to minimize the number of visitors to campus in light of the ongoing pandemic.

Here are a few guidelines for booking and taking part in your appointments:
  • You can book your appointments online through the portal beginning Friday, October 8th. Just log into MyRNS and then click on Resource Board on the top gray menu bar. Next, click on the parent-teacher link and follow the instructions.
  • In lieu of room locations, a Zoom link will appear for each teacher.
  • Once you have completed your interview selections, click on PRINTABLE SCHEDULE located at the top of the screen. On the next screen, scroll down to the bottom of your appointment list and click on EMAIL SCHEDULE. A copy of your interview times will be emailed to you with links to each Zoom meeting.
  • On the day of your meetings, we ask that you access Zoom using your first and last name so teachers can recognize you.  
  • Please click on the meetings links a few minutes before your appointment times and you will be entered into a virtual Waiting Room.  
  • Appointments are 10 minutes in length. We ask all families to limit their discussions to this time frame so that you and the teachers can stay on schedule for the day.  
  • Parents are encouraged to book appointments with advisors as well as classroom teachers.
  • If you have any trouble booking your appointments, please contact Mrs. Stickings or Mrs. Earle