Middle School Mathematics

Grade 6 Mathematics
This course acts as an introduction to mathematics at Rothesay Netherwood School. As such, it attempts to aid students in developing a positive attitude toward the continued study of mathematics. Students will begin to develop the ability to communicate appropriate mathematical symbols and language as fundamental skills and practises are taught and reviewed through a variety of techniques. They will also learn to become independent thinkers and to work collaboratively with others.
This course provides students with skills necessary to understand mathematics and the ability to use mathematics in their daily lives. In this course students review a number of topics from earlier grades and begin to sample what's ahead. They use a pre-IB text, and study the following topics: number systems and properties; operations with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals; percentage, algebra and equations; problem solving, which is done throughout the duration of the course. Students also use technology regularly and are exposed to a variety of learning situations.
Grade 7 Mathematics
The Grade 7 mathematics course at Rothesay Netherwood School is built to review basic mathematical skills and strategies learned in previous years such as: basic algebra, basic geometry, basic arithmetic and basic problem solving. At this level the students will also be introduced to new topics like whole numbers, number properties, fractions, decimals, percentage, ratios and proportions, algebra and integers. At Rothesay Netherwood School we hope to build on the basic skills necessary for our students to be prepared for the challenges ahead in senior school mathematics while making feel comfortable and confident in our middle school courses.
Students in Grade 7 Mathematics will cover topics on like whole numbers, number properties, fractions, decimals, ratios and proportions, percent, algebra and integers and problem solving. Students will be graded on effort, completion of homework, in-class participation, the completion of assignments, projects, progress on mental math exercises, quizzes and tests.
Grade 8 Mathematics
This course provides students with the skills necessary to understand mathematics. Given that it is a middle school course the students are exposed to the many mathematical concepts they need to know for our higher level courses. The major concepts covered are: numbers, algebraic operations and equations, solving equations and radicals, indices, algebra, coordinate geometry, simultaneous equations, algebraic factorisation, quadratic equations, and algebraic fractions.