Record Number of IB Diploma Programme Recipients in RNS Class of 2022

Rothesay Netherwood School graduates the most IB Diploma Programme recipients in its 14-year history as an IB World School; the Class of 2022 also earned the most acceptances in the school’s history from American universities
Rothesay, NB (July 20, 2022) – Rothesay Netherwood School is pleased to announce that 42 students from the RNS Class of 2022 were awarded International Baccalaureate (IB) Diplomas in June, reaching a new benchmark for the school. The IB Programme is a globally recognized curriculum with a reputation for excellence in education. IB Diploma Programme recipients are exceptionally well prepared for post-secondary education because of their advanced critical thinking skills, ability to solve complex problems, and superior time and project management skills. IB students can study at universities worldwide, often with advanced credit.

“These results are especially impressive given the impact of the pandemic over the past two years,” says Paul McLellan, RNS Head of School. “While most students in our region, across the country, and around the world were challenged by pandemic disruptions, our students received in-person instruction, health and well-being support, and encouragement from our faculty. I believe graduates from RNS have a significant advantage over their peers heading into university.”

RNS is one of only three IB World Schools in New Brunswick. Every RNS student in Grade 11 and 12 participates in the IB curriculum, choosing whether to graduate with IB certificates or pursue the full IB Diploma Programme. “Our students are ready for university, as they have taken numerous exams and written long-form academic papers in order to complete the IB curriculum,” says Tammy Earle, RNS Director of Technology and Learning Initiatives, and co-author of the IB textbook Digital Society for the IB Diploma. “IB gives them academic discipline and opportunities to pursue experiences in creativity, sports, and community service. The result is well-rounded individuals ready for all of life’s possibilities.”

The IB Diploma Programme uses a 45-point grading scale – 42 is the highest amount of points a student can achieve, with an additional three bonus points. “We had three students who achieved a 42-point result, which is a tremendous accomplishment,” says Earle. “For our students to get such high marks, especially during the past two years of living and learning in a pandemic, is a testament to their dedication, hard work, and the commitment and care from our teachers. We are very proud.”

Linda Chen’s daughter, Cherry ‘22, received her IB Diploma with one of the top marks in her class. Cherry will be pursuing computer science at the University of Michigan in the fall. “We are excited by her IB marks,” says Linda. “Cherry had great success in senior school at RNS.” Cherry says the IB Diploma Programme courses were challenging in Year 2, but her persistence paid off. “I feel grateful for my teachers and schoolmates at RNS,” she says. “RNS created a space full of opportunities where I explored my interests and the kindness I experienced allowed me to grow.”

The Class of 2022 also earned the most acceptances in the school’s history from American universities coast to coast, from New York to California. “The IB Programme at RNS has been central to creating these opportunities for our students,” says Craig Jollymore, Assistant Head of School and Director of Academics. “American universities know that RNS graduates have met a set of global academic standards and can be counted on to work hard, manage time well, and perform at an advanced level. This advantage has helped our students stand out this year, whether they were accepted to computer science, STEM, pre-dentistry, neuroscience, film, business, or arts programs. And this has been especially true for those accepted to play NCAA Division I sports. Coaches at those schools know that our students can properly balance significant academic and athletic responsibilities.” 

Jollymore, who is responsible for the overall academic experience at RNS, sees the International Baccalaureate Programme as a cornerstone to the unique and exceptional RNS experience. “Once post-secondary schools see the IB curriculum as part of an application, they take a closer look at our students' involvement in an array of signature RNS programs, initiatives, and achievements outside of the classroom. They see young people who can make a difference on their campuses. It’s a powerful combination that leads to some exciting outcomes for our graduates. This has been especially true in 2022.”  


Heather MacLean
Director of Marketing and Communications
Rothesay Netherwood School

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