RNS star signs NCAA Division-1 school

Matthew Daigle | Telegraph-Journal

Ever since she started playing hockey at the age of six, Lauren Fisher has always had the game as her escape. Now, she’ll be able to continue her time playing high-level puck for the next four years as she signed with a United States collegiate hockey program.
The 17-year-old from Rothesay has signed to play for Saint Michael’s College, an NCAA Division-1 team in Vermont. Fisher said it’s an amazing feeling to get to this point as a hockey player that it’s sometime difficult to put into words.
“I remember just from being the age of six years old, when I first started playing hockey that I always had these goals that I wanted to overcome and being able to say that I’m going to play NCAA Division 1 at the university level,” said Fisher. “Working hard, getting up some mornings at six in the morning, to just go and prove to know that I’ll have the opportunity to be able to play in the future was kind of why I do it.”
Fisher is currently in her Grade 12-year studying and playing hockey as a forward at Rothesay Netherwood School. She said she will be studying business administration at Saint Michael’s.
When she took the campus tour, Fisher said Saint Michael’s reminded her a lot of RNS, but a little bigger. She said she’ll be joining an upcoming program as Saint Michael’s recently joined Division 1 in 2019.
“RNS, for the past four years has always just been a home, and the [Saint Michael’s] campus was a perfect size, not that very many students, so I just feel like that it could continue to be my home for the next four years,” she said. “I just like to be part of a program that’s building, and I want to help it.”
At the beginning of her hockey journey, Fisher said she mainly played with other girls. She said knowing that if she wanted to get to a higher level, she had to get out of her comfort zone, so she spent her atom and peewee years from age nine to 12 playing with the boys.
Fisher said playing with the boys helped her grow as a player, but it wasn’t without adjustment. She said being the only girl on the team was a big adjustment spending time in the dressing room by herself.
“You didn’t have as much side conversations and get to go out and hang out,” she said. “When I talk about playing here at RNS … they became another part of my family.”
Going to the rink to get ready to play has been the best part of Fisher’s day the past few years because she got to spend it with the people she’s closest with. She said she spent every day with her teammates as they practice Monday to Friday.
Now, Fisher will be developing new relationships with new teammates when she goes to Saint Michael’s next season. She said she has already been in contact with some of her future teammates, including another rookie and a couple she met while she was on tour.
“It’s kind of nice having known a couple of people before you get there,” she said.
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